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8 Reasons To Choose Us

We are an upcoming, stable and professional roofing company based out of Hamilton Ontario, also serving the surrounding areas. A roofing installation is a very serious, expensive and important part of a home renovation, we ensure with our professional crew is trained to install our products properly.

Our quality estimation staff is down-to-earth, approachable and knowledgeable about the roofing systems we install, this provides a comfortable base for home owners to ask questions about their roof and it’s condition.

We believe that there is 8 reasons why Sheppard Roofing excels where others fail:

1. LOWER PRICES   Sheppard Roofing can install the same roof of any of the top 3 big name companies, for sometimes up to 25% less. We lay the same materials, complete the project within the same time frame and the level of professionalism is identical.

2. ANY ROOF    It does not matter what roofing situation you present, Sheppard Roofing has seen it all. We have done multiple layers, bad access, 2+ stories, board decking, re-sheeting, skylights, leak repairs, new construction, special additions, synthetic underlay, ridge venting, and skylights. Feel comfortable in the fact that our professional install crew has seen it all and can help.

3. RELIABLE    Your booking is our main priority. Sheppard Roofing will set a date that best suits your needs. We show up on the date scheduled (weather permitting), install the roof in a timely manner (usually within the same day) and leave your job site under the timeline we guaranteed. There is no such thing as no-shows, leaving the job un-finished or unprofessional behavior, Sheppard Roofing gets the job done!

4. WORKMANSHIP   As seen in our portfolio section our work is second to none. We believe in straight lines, proper step-flashing, great metal on chimneys and walls, beautiful valleys and laser capping. Our team is experienced and professional, we don’t make mistakes and install to manufacturers recommended warranties to ensure your roofing system is proper.

5. CLEAN-UP   This is a messy business, so Sheppard Roofing loves to keep clean! We make sure your home is properly tarped and protected from any roofing debris. We keep the area as clean as possible during the install and make sure when we leave for the day that your home is as nice as we seen it before install. We at Sheppard Roofing guarantee a full ground, eaves trough and roof clean-up before the job is done.

6. PRODUCTS   We don’t bother saving a dollar by providing second-rate materials. As you can see in our “products” section, we only provide the finest roofing materials from name brand companies. Sheppard Roofing will build an estimate that suits your needs by providing materials we trust, we warranty our roofs with only the best in the business.

7. WARRANTY  Sheppard Roofing stands by its work and provides an industry standard 10-year written warranty with every install. This is a comprehensive warranty that covers against any defects and improper methods of installation. Have the piece of mind that Sheppard Roofing is there to stand by it’s final product.

8.  FREE ROOF COUNSULTATION:  Sheppard Roofing understands that you may have some questions about your roof .”Will it last the winter?” “How much will it cost to repair the roof?” “What do you suggest we do?” Sheppard Roofing offers a free roofing consultation with all roofing estimates. We can create a custom package for your install that covers all your goals. Sheppard Roofing can stay within your budget and install the roof that best suits your situation.

The Sheppard Roofing Guarantee

Sheppard Roofing has an industry standard 10 year WRITTEN workmanship guarantee on all projects. We install only lifetime shingles with industry professionals, so our work is second to none. We have a full service response team to deal with any issues that may arise and any of our team would be happy to answer any post install questions.

The products we lay are certified and high-end, this creates a great trust during the install process, before and after.

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We take your privacy seriously and will not share your contact information with any third parties.

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